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House Washing Sunshine Coast

Want to reclaim your home's true beauty? We'll be happy to make home's exterior look it's best again.

Your home is likely your most important investment, and our house washing service is here to keep it looking it’s best. Conventional pressure washing can cause harm to your exterior more than benefit it, resulting in chipped render, water damage, and other costly issues.

We are here with the alternative. Our soft wash service only uses low-pressure equipment that transfers water and cleaner without force onto your exterior. Our biodegradable detergents safely clean and work as a mould inhibitor to keep your home’s exterior looking clean and new. We’re proud to provide a safe replacement for our customers.

With our Softwash solution for your house washing. You'll benefit from:

Complete stain removal
From mould to mildew to algae, we tackle it all.
Long-lasting exterior surfaces
Our service protects the long-term durability of your exterior.
Enhanced curb appeal
Customers consistently remark that their home looks like it’s brand new after our soft wash service.

Soft Washing is the right way to clean your home.

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The difference between Pressure Washing and our Soft Washing method is like night and day. Unlike traditional power washing, which only uses high pressure water to blast the grime off your homes exterior, Soft Washing uses specially formulated cleaning agents applied at Low Pressure (no more than a garden hose) to wash away unsightly dirt while targeting and killing organic growth at the source. As a result there is absolutely no risk of exterior damage due to high pressure – and that’s just the beginning of the benefits Soft Washing can provide for your home.

Soft Wash House Washing gives you longer-lasting results than standard pressure washing, too! Because the proper cleaning agents that target and kill algae, mold, and mildew are more difficult to effectively apply with high pressure power washing, the low pressure nature of Soft Washing allows our specialized cleaning solutions to penetrate unsightly organic growth at its roots, thereby providing amazing looking exterior cleaning results that last 2-4 times longer than pressure washing. Soft Washing is just what your home needs to look its very best for as long as possible!

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